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VOID, I gotcha! - is a simple and beautiful 2D indie arcade for mobile devices where you jump from planet to planet, playing as an astronaut and trying to beat your score.

In your adventure, you will overcome a variety of obstacles, complete interesting quests, collect cosmic energy, improve your space suit and its abilities! The gameplay itself is based on the simulation of physics of a Unity engine and includes: ragdoll character, procedural generation of the game area, completely random occurrences of game objects and enemies with dynamic artificial intelligence.

Unforgettable atmosphere is set by colorful stylized design of planets and decorative elements, smooth animations and beautiful effects together with sweet handcrafted sounds and bright live music created specially for VOID, I gotcha!



Cubequad Games is a small indie team based in Ukraine. We hate "wooden" or step by step games so always try to make the opposite ones. We've already released a little game for android called Plane in Clouds. Though we did it more like to test ourselves in a wonderful world of game development. So VOID, I gotcha! is our first major release and we've put quite a few efforts over the year of development to make it really outstanding and competitive and will continue to support it.

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